Armistice Day

The anniversary marking the end of WWI started as Armistice Day and after WWII was changed to recognize the passing of all American war hero's.  In the mid 50's the holiday was changed to Veterans Day to help recognize all veterans who have served in the military during war or peacetime.  

While growing up, my mother told me stories of both her parents including her father's college days at Columbia University playing football and other sports.  My grandfather, John F Desmond III, served in the military during WWII but died at a young age soon thereafter.  

Growing up, I look over his achievements and all that he accomplished.  I wonder what he would say to me if he were here today.  Working with people that share a common interest and passion to achieve our mission at GeAR is a big story and one that I wish that I could have shared with him.  

GEaR is a small team made up of individuals from different walks of life around the world.  Francis Marley is one of our team members who has a broad-based background.  His military ties offer a form of structure that helps drive the people that work with him.  His relationship with me is more than just a fellow teammate or life coach.  He's become a life-time friend.  

To all the veterans active or inactive today I thank you for your service to this country.