Greenland Barrel Project:




Date Abandoned 

World War II


1000's Decaying Oil Drums
Structures                                     Military Vehicles In Disrepair



Evidence of the United States' involvement in Greenland during World War II can still be seen in the thousands of abandoned and decaying oil drums, buildings, and surplus military equipment rusting in the remote Greenland wilderness. These not only represent our collective military history, but a significant remediation challenge - to return the landscape and environment to its natural state.

John Bradley

John Bradley

Location: Kulusuk, Greenland

John works to clear stray barrels from a Kulusuk airport.


What we’ve accomplished:



2016: During our recent 2016 mission to Greenland, our team traveled to Ikateq (Bluie East Two), the location of a formerly secret refueling base, to begin documenting the scope of the situation. Assessments of the current environmental impact of the debris, as well as potential methods for safe removal are in the beginning stages.