Romig Middle School.jpg


Romig Middle School Anchorage, AK 


Frank and Christie bring a WWII story of survival in Greenland to life for a class of 7th graders who have been studying the topic ahead of time.

Frank outlines the bold rescue plan, introduces Pritchard and Bottoms, and the Grumman Duck during GEaR's recent school visit in Anchorage, Alaska. The 7th grade students were as captivated by the story as we are, and had a great time learning about Greenland, the events there during WWII, and our modern missions to locate the Duck.

October 10, 2017


Kulusuk Kids.jpg

Preschool Kulusuk, Greenland  


During the 2017 summer research mission to Greenland, GEaR's John Bradley visited a preschool in Kulusuk to share our work with the community. Using a PowerPoint presentation, and with the assistance of an interpreter, John captivated the children with the story of the Duck and GEaR's efforts to find her. 

John surprised the children by bringing in our Kovacs Mark V coring system - which they were able to take apart and put back together again. The eager students treated John to a very long and engaging Q&A session, and then sat for this group photo.

August 16, 2017