Hope and Solidarity

Global Exploration and Recovery has been tracking the story of two missing teenagers in Florida, Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, who disappeared on July 24 during a fishing trip.  We wish for their safe return and our thoughts are with their families.  As the search has expanded during the past week we have been amazed by the outpouring of support, resources, and energy that professionals and volunteers alike have committed to the effort.  GEaR wants to recognize some notable contributions:

  • United States Coast Guard.  We work closely with our partners in the Coast Guard and have the deepest respect for the risks they take and the professionalism with which they conduct tireless searches in situations like this.  As a nation we are lucky to have such dedicated men and women patrolling our shores, ready to act on short notice.  We thank them for their leadership and experience in helping to find these missing boys.
  • Volunteers.  Searching a large area of the Atlantic Ocean is a complex undertaking.  Finding Austin and Perry will take a major, coordinated effort.  In this moment of need generous individuals and groups have stepped forward, often at their own expense, to offer diverse skills and resources in support of the search.  People from far and near have donated time, money, planes, boats, cars, homes, celebrity status, and fuel among other things to keep an intense search going.

There are more people to thank in this search than we can name, but we want to highlight the community of kindness that has drawn together from around the country to support the effort.  Even though GEaR is spread around the world we have contributed to the search and encourage others to do so, as well.  


Source: facebook.com/globalexplorationandrecovery