C-53 Crew:


Crash Site

Southeast Greenland

Date Missing

November 5 , 1942

On Board

Capt. Homer McDowell Jr.             Lt. William Springer                     SSgt. Eugene Manahan                 Cpl. William Everett                       Pvt. Thurman Johannessen


The loss of the C-53 with her crew of five aboard is the tragic crash that started the cascade of events on the Greenland icecap in 1942. A B-17 sent to locate the crash site of the C-53 also went down on the ice, as did the Grumman Duck sent to rescue the B-17 crew. Though the C-53 crew survived the initial crash, making radio contact and communicating with would-be rescuers, the battery eventually gave out and the men were never heard from again.


What we’ve accomplished:



2016: During the 2016 mission to Greenland, our team met with local Greenlandic Inuit hunters who reported seeing what could be a part of the downed C-53 aircraft. Investigations based on this information are ongoing, and may serve as the basis for a future expedition.