The Raven

What’s in a logo?  Ask ten people and you might hear as many different answers.  In our early days Global Exploration and Recovery set out on a search for a logo to represent our company.  After reviewing many creative submissions from gifted artists who support our mission we selected the raven.  Why a bird – why this bird?  What about it captures the identity of our company in a single form?


The raven is found around the world and they feature prominently in cultural mythology.  In Viking legend the Norse god Odin kept two ravens as his eyes and ears.  They are viewed as protectors, creators, and messengers.  Some Native American cultures see them as having brought light into the darkness.


In modern times, ravens are understood to be among the world’s most intelligent animals.  They are known to not only use tools, but to design and construct them.  They have highly accurate spatial memories.  They are wily problem solvers and demonstrate self-awareness.  Ravens use sophisticated communication techniques; they can describe events that happened in different places and at different times.  Their ability to learn and innovate is unmatched in the avian world.  New research shows that they are capable of abstract thought and forming opinions.


At Global Exploration and Recovery we aspire to embody the creativity, vision, and adaptability of ravens.  Their characteristics represent the approach we take to our work.  The image of the raven is a recurring theme on our website and social media outlets.  We’ll be introducing our official logo soon that includes a raven motif.  The next time you see a crow, jackdaw, or other member of the Corvidus genus, we hope you think of us.